Monday, February 11, 2013

Music Mondays: Stubborn Love and Other Stories

           Phew! This semester is beginning to get busy. Two weeks of blissful leisure, thinking it would last forever and then in one week life is like "Bahahaha! Psyche your mind!" It's ok though because I'm still full of new year energy ready to save the world and get my assignments in on time while I'm at it! I even worked out this evening! That's right, be proud. I will accomplish all things (at least until my resolve to not watch Once Upon a Time on a school night wears off...which may run out in about 15 minutes!)

           This week I've experienced cold weather that rivals my South Dakota days. Now I love snow, it's basically the miracle of winter in my opinion, and playing in it will bring out my inner child like nothing else, but when it's below freezing, and the wind makes me want to curl up in my sock drawer and die, then it's a different story. Still, I can't deny that God's creation is beautiful in our very own real Narnia-Wisconsin land. Sometimes (everyday) I wish I lived in Chicago or Paris, with a Starbucks just around the corner, and surrounded by people I don't know but want to. Then God brings me right back with the almost inaudible sound of soft snow falling, or the sun peeking out between the evergreen trees, almost groaning under the weight of a weeks worth of snow. It is stunning to walk into a white world every morning. God has been so good protecting us during the trips to and from church every Sunday. Yesterday we were drifting all over the place during our 50 minutes journey back to campus, and all I could do was shut my eyes and pray.

         On Thursday my Impact Group (everyone on campus has one, and we study a section of Galatians every week together) met at out leader Mrs Olsen's house so that Sally (real name Tiaotiao Ma) could teach us how to make real Chinese Jiao Zi. If you've never had legit Chinese food then I suggest you find somewhere to get the good stuff because seriously, the slop they serve us picky Westerners is criminal in comparison (and I will be talking about this more on Friday!) This was my absolute favourite of all Chinese dishes and it was exciting to see how to make my own in future. Not to mention that these lovely ladies are so encouraging and make splendid company!

Now it is Music Monday, and so I owe you some music! I'm sure most of you have heard about The Lumineers, (if you haven't you should fix that!) and their new music video just came out this week. The Lumineers were pretty much my go to discovery of 2012 along with Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men and Ben Howard. I remember when I first heard all of the above on the radio and I was like "What in the fat world?! They're playing actual good music and not Keisha or Katie Perry!" No offense to anyone's taste or anything but seriously, that stuff's total crap!! Hehehe I joke, I joke...or do I?


  1. My roommate and I were just saying how much we can't believe they are playing better music these days! Which made the Grammys that much better this year :)
    PS, we should do a Music Monday link up! :)

  2. Hmmm... I've not heard of this group. Thanks for mentioning them - love trying new music. :)


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