Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break and Summer Plans

            This past week was Spring Break and as I am a poor little orphan missionary kid, my friend Heather Jerome took pity on me, and took me home with her to Water Town. It was a most joyous time  full of coffee houses, art museums, random trips to Milwaukee, going to see the Hunger Games (twice!!), and in general just lying around like lazy butts in the eighty degree weather. It makes me wish I was still on Spring Break and not up to my neck in papers, reading and preparations for my summer trip (which I will elaborate on in just a moment). Anyways I won't post all the pictures of this past week here because there are way too many (and I make a habit of making posts cluttered with too many bad pictures as it is), so I will just post the pictures of our photo shoot in the park. We were supposed to be there catching up on homework but that was never going to happen! So here's what we did instead!

          Thanks Heather for a wonderful week away from it all. Heather has been such an encouragement to me this semester. I am seriously in awe of this girl. She is one of the most spiritually sensitive girls I have ever met, and so on fire for God. Not to mention a whole load of fun. 

         In other news I am making preparations for a trip this summer. I'm trying to keep in under wraps because of security reasons which is why I haven't mentioned it before now. I can't tell you were I'm going or anything, but I can ask you to pray for me and for raising funds. I would seriously appreciate the prayer support of all my bloggie friends. I need strength and wisdom for this. 

I hope you all have a great week everyone! 


  1. EEEEPS! leah! Your photos are lovely and I want to hear ALLLLL about this trip! call me?

  2. Lovely pictures!!!! :) <3
    pretty girls... happy girls!

  3. Lovely pics./post, Leah. =)

    Another The Hunger Games fan, huh!? ;D


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