Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kitchen Chronicles

              Well its been about two to three weeks of renovations now. At the beginning, the claustrophobia brought on by the dozens of strangers invading our house, banishing us to the sitting room, along with half the contents of our cupboards and fridge, was almost unbearable. Seriously, you know your living ghetto style when your making coffee on the sitting room floor! Since my bedroom is on the other side of the house, I had to go outside,  and walk around to the front door, whenever I had to go to the bathroom, or to join the rest of my family in the sitting room!         

            Thankfully, the worst is over, the kitchen is allowed to have foot traffic once again, and apart from our house frequently being occupied by strange men, (last week one walked into my bedroom looking for the attic!) things are beginning to get back to normal. The new kitchen is taking shape, and Mom is determined to have everything done by this weekend, for our company. Right this minute Mom is furiously and tirelessly putting things away in cupboards, and or perpetually cleaning. Yesterday I got to dust my room for the first time in weeks! (there was no point cleaning it before since, the next day of drilling was going to lay down a fresh layer of dust on everything!)      
           Seriously though, the kitchen does look amazing! I'm not going to show any of the new stuff until everything is finished, but here are some pictures of the work in progress from past weeks.

Our nasty old floor

Lovely new, marble floor!

Mom has been vandalizing the walls trying to figure out which colour she likes

Mom + paint= danger

Poor sad old stove, you almost feel sorry for it...and then you think of all the grief its given and you, and sympathy ends!

Beautiful Mosaic tiles

          This kitchen is going to be fab when its all done. As soon as its finished I'll post before and after photos. Thank God for this wonderful blessing. Its great to know that God is interested in our little wants, as well as providing for our needs. As exciting as this all is I can't help but think about people in the world who have, from our perspective, so little. We are so blessed, beyond what we deserve, and may we never forget it.

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