Monday, June 27, 2016

The Chronicles of a Potential Whovian: The Beginning

          I tend to move in certain, fandom-leaning circles. I'm a member of the original Harry Potter readers, the Pokemon generation, the newly forged Marvel fans, one of the clinically insane Sherlocked. I'm a fully fledged Star Wars watching, GOT theorizing, AVPM singing, nerd. The only thing I'm not, is a Whovian (also, I haven't jumped on the Korean Drama wagon, but one thing at a time). And it's weird, because all of my closest friends, and fellow fandom warriors are. I'm quite certain that I've all the potential in the world, of becoming the most faithful of Whovians, I've just never taken the time. Because if we're honest here, taking up Doctor Who, from start to finish, is no easy task. So, I've decided to blog my way through Doctor Who (both, to keep myself from bingeing, and therefore letting it take over my life, and to make it a little more interesting). I've been advised by many respectable Whovians to start my journey with the Eccleston series. So here we go: post one of "The Chronicles of a Potential Whovian."

Oh! And spoilers people!

Episode One: Rose

  1. So far so good. I'm loving this intro music. I'm not going to be exactly humming it around my apartment like the Sherlock theme (when is it COMING BACK?!!! I'm fine), but it's pretty neat.
  2. Oh hey there Billie Piper! She's Rose right? Doesn't something tragic happen to her? Spoiler alert?
  3. Aah! London pre-Brexit! A simpler, happier time.
  4. Maybe I'm wrong but a pink hoodie seems a little casual for working in this kind of retail job. Never mind, pink hoodies seem to be the uniform of everyone in this establishment.
  5. Forgive me, but hearing Billie Piper calling for "Wilson" can only bring to mind this:

     6.   Don't walk towards the creepy sounds!!! Woman survival 101!

     7.   Holy crap! The mannequins are moving!! 
     8.   Rose is way too calm about this! Is this an every day occurrence for her? Do inanimate objects     
           just come to life in front of her on a regular basis? Run you fool! Run!!!
     9.   Aww yeah, it's the Doctor!!
    10. "You pulled his arm off," what a strange line.
    11.  Haha! Oh students! You so silly! Always pulling pranks, like creating killer mannequins.
          I remember when I was a student and a bunch of us...Sorry, tangent, where was I? Oh yeah!
    12. Oh no Wilson is dead! Wilson! WILSON!!!
    13. "Run for your life." Foreshadowing?
    14.  TARDIS!!

    15.  Rose's boyfriend getting rid of the mannequin arm can only lead to good things, I'm sure. 
           Given the fact that the boyfriend is the only person of colour in this show, and Rose is  
           obviously supposed to be with the Doctor,  I'd say the boyfriend's doomed!!
    16.  A little double entendre there Rose!
    17.  Can we just have a show where the Doctor reads tabloids? Pleeese!

    18. Ok, I know he's the Doctor, and telling the truth and everything, but any normal person would 
          listen to his spiel, and immediately run the other way. Rose is basically Bella Swan, if she 
          were an interesting, well written character.
    19. What kind of search engine is that? Rose! Use google!
    20.  Article by conspiracy theorist: title drop!
    21.  Now we're going to meet the conspiracy theorist! Good thing he's a local.
    22.  Boyfriend (who's name is Mickey apparently) doesn't think this is a safe idea. I'm glad there's 
           someone sensible around here, even if he is doomed.
    23.  Conspiracy theorist says the Doctor brings death. Foreshadowing? 
    24.  Mickey just got eaten by a demon bin! Called it!
    25. Aaah! The aliens have turned him into a creepy plastic, humanoid of nightmares!

     26.   He likes pizza though, so he can't be all bad.
     27.   The Doctor turns up just when he's needed! I feel like this is going to happen a lot in this     
     28.  A wooden box?! Girlie, that is a Tardis! Even I know how disrespectful that is!
     29.  The Tardis is so cool inside!! It's like the Weasley's tent at the Quidditch World Cup! 
     30.  "It's from the 1950s! It's a disguise!" 
     31.  Hey. Hey Doctor. Hey. Look behind you!


    32.   Ok. This Doctor is adorkable!
    33.   WHAAT? Mickey's alive!! This show is more progressive than I thought!
    34.   No Rose's mum! Don't go shopping, go home!! Mannequins are coming to kill you!
    35.   If these aliens can inhabit anything, why not go for something destructive, like a nuclear     
            bomb...or a tank....or a shark? Not too bright these aliens. 
    36.   Oh no! Conspiracy guy!!
    37.   Yay! Rose slay.
    38.   Aww Rose! You made him so disappointed when you said you couldn't go with him, even 
            though you're totally going to change your mind in a second.
    39.   Hurray!!!


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