Monday, November 10, 2014

Music Monday: 1989 Review (kind of)

     Okay, so I have a confession to make...I sorta kinda semi-love Taylor Swift! She is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures. Don't you dare ask me what my others are, there's only so much humiliation a girl can bear! Say what you want about Taylor Swift, she always known her target audience, but has managed to stay unashamedly honest in her song writing, even when said honesty has been criticized. 

       It's no secret that Taylor has been moving away from the Country music scene ( I don't know if she was ever really considered Country), but even 2012 release Red held onto what was left of her Country persona, 1989 however, is straight up pop. Aaaand I kind of love it.

      This isn't so much a review as it is a confession. 1989 is essentially Taylor's coming of age album; she no longer sings about the fairy-tale ending, but now she's boldly proclaiming her independent 20s, which maybe there lies the appeal for me. It's fun, it's mindless, it kind of makes me feel powerful, and more importantly I can dance to it! 

Now to pick up what's left my hipster-cred and listen to some Sigur Ros or maybe some Dry the River. 


  1. oh heck yes. I am right there with you, girl.

  2. I have bought and enjoyed each one of Taylor's albums and this one is no different. I have been compulsively listening to it since its release and each time it grows more and more on me. Yes, this one is her most mature, independent one, but she IS an adult now and it'd be ridiculous for those critics you mention to think she'd remain the same with her music. I think it's cool she's growing and changing, I just hope she retains some of her morals (just judging from the lack of times she's been in the tabloids she seems to be a star who has some) and integrity. :)


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