Friday, October 31, 2014

Goodbye Autumn, I'll Miss You

     Snow! This is what greeted me at 7am on my way to work today! Yesterday had been another blissful, autumn day, that I had taken lazily, for granted. Autumn, like it's predecessor season, is cruelly short-lived in Wisconsinland. Too readily, Wisconsin defaults to the extremism of the long, bitter, northern winter: a rather sadistic state wouldn't you say?! I love the breathtaking bursts of colour-as creation takes on her most lavish garb-the slight chill in the air, wooly socks, and cozy cardigans, all washed down with a generous mug of pumpkin spiced latte: and all this is gone in a matter of weeks. Wisconsinland is not kind to my favourite season.

     Today was a blustery, icebox, interrupted periodically by shy, snow flurries. This is only the beginning my friend, WINTER IS COMING! And she is not kind. Still, even in the death of the world around me, there is an eerie beauty in the bare tree branches, and the silver grey sky. Best of all, the close of Autumn and the commencement of Winter brings me one day closer to being back on Irish soil once more. More on that later. In the meantime, let's send Autumn out with the dignity she deserves.          

"Hello, hello, hello, hello,
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye,goodbye,
That's all there is.
And the leaves that are green turn to brown." 


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