Saturday, July 7, 2012

Make God's Name Great

           This is going to be a short post for two reasons; I have a half an hour before I have to board my flight out of Cleveland to Los Angeles (don't ask, some of the cheapest routes are some of the longest!) and I have a prevailing case of writer's blog that persists in sticking around. The only reason I'm posting at all is to touch base with my followers and whoever else might be reading, and to ask for prayer over the next month.

         I won't be able to post for the rest of this month (which is nothing that new anyway! I never post as often as I should!) as I will be overseas on my trip. Yes the time has come, the day has arrived for the  trip of a lifetime, which is also going to be one of the most challenging things I have ever done. I am freaking out!

        I so want this trip to be about glorifying God. This is not about me or what I can accomplish, or the friends I can make. Yes I want to learn and grow as a believer and I want to come back changed from it, but this trip like anything in my life is about making God's name great. I am just a tool in that. That was always my purpose in life, and while from my perspective the difference I am making in this mission is small and minuscule, God chose me for it. Isn't mind boggling that He thinks to include us at all?!

         So this is my request from all of you; please pray that in whatever small thing I may be doing; God's name will be made great.


  1. Thinking of you and wondering what kind of amazing, life changing experiences you've had and or are having :) Miss your posts :)♥ Jeanine


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