Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's an award between friends?!

            Whew! Another week of school done. It's hard to believe that I've got only three weeks of school left. It stresses me out to no end. Finishing assignments, projects due, finals, packing up the dorm, finding a job and somewhere to live for the summer. I hate being grown up! It all looked so grand when I was little and now I see it basically sucks! Still God is good and He will get me through all of this (remember Leah you decided your going to trust Him from now on).

          Anyways the comments on my last post really brought joy to my week. I can't believe how supportive everyone's been. Can I tell you I've got over $3,000 in support now? It completely wreaks me in a good way. This little lady, Megan just started following me last week and already she nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thanks so much Megan. She has a charming little blog, and is a sister in Christ. Really she said the nicest things about me and I am honoured! As in accordance with the rules I am now obligated to pass on the complement to others, because what's an award between friends?!

        So this is how it works.

  1. You choose five blogs to pass on the award to that have 200 followers or less
  2. Link back to the lovely person who gave you the award in gratitude
  3. Do what I'm doing and post the award on your blog
  4. List the five people that you're giving the award to, link to their blogs and tell everyone why you think their great. Oh and message the people to let them know that you've nominated them.
  5. Share five things about yourself that others might not know
So here are my picks

Liz is one of my old buddies from my CBI days. I lived with her for a year in a tiny little trailer and it was quite the experience! Liz is a crazy EMT who listens to Jack Johnson, looks at life with her tongue in cheek, and goes on very many exciting adventures. Did I mention she pranks like a boss? Do NOT cross this girl unless you're prepared to reap the consequences! Check out her blog Little Did She Know

Michelle is one of my lovely roommates this year at Northland. This classy lady writes devotionals, takes cute pictures, and is in love with New York City. She has been a great friend to come home to at the end of the day this year, she is loyalty itself! Also she like to steal my clothes and make posts about them! Check her out at Step by Step

Aryn is another CBI friend. This beautiful lady is studying to become a teacher. She is one of my shoulder to cry on, laugh until our sides get sore friends. She is also an up and coming photographer. Find her at Little Life Moments

Jeanine! Can I say enough things about Jeanine? Doubt it! She loves books, and period dramas, and taking beautiful pictures. She's a paramedic which makes her hardcore! I always look to her to shine the light on the newest costume drama. Jeanine is also a sister in Christ and is a great encouragement to me considering I've never met her in person. I can't fathom why she doesn't have more followers so follow her at Wayfaring Girl on a Mission

Bekah is yet another CBI friend! What can I say we're all into blogging these days! This girl is my rock! She is on fire for God, and we have through so much growing up together. Plus she has the brightest, happiest, smile in the world! Find about what God is doing in her life at My Ebenezer.

Five Random Facts about me

  1. When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist, then I found out that life as marine biologist was more than going on boat rides and swimming with dolphins and that was the end of that!
  2. I am super insecure about my feet (I have a crooked toe)
  3. I don't have my driver's license yet (due to the fact I can't seem to make up my mind about which country I live in)
  4. I love waking up in the middle of the night and knowing that I've been sleeping and I have x amount of hours left to sleep!
  5. I am deathly, terrified and petrified of moths! They are Satan's butterflies!
Ok so that's it! Enjoy poking around on these girlies blogs! Spread the love and follow!

In Christ, Leah


  1. Thanks, Leah! I am honored that you chose my blog. Love you lots! :)

  2. CONGRATS on the award, Leah. =)

  3. I'm so glad you've gotten support! Congrats on the award, you're awesome

  4. Hey Leah, imagine my excitement when I discovered your blog. Here I am, an 18 year old girl who loves period dramas, classic novels... guess what we have the same favourite author too!! I come from a beautiful country, Malaysia. I am a Christian and I'm thrilled to see you influencing others in such a good way. Indeed God is great. I am starting over with my new blog, and I do blog here and there about books and movies,and of course, my faith. Keep it up, Leah.
    Joycelyn =)

  5. I agree with #4! I love when that happens. And I also agree that God is good and He will get us through our especially busy and complicated times in our lives!

  6. Oh my, I can't believe I didn't see this! I've been remiss on my bloggy for a few weeks only because I moved half across the country...needed a little time to recoup :)) Thank you so much for the award nomination :)) You are brilliant and too nice! :))

    I know you must be in the home stretch for school...hope you have found a place to stay and work. Growing up is so hard, I quite agree. But it has so many nice perks too :)) Make sure you treat yourself to a heaping delightful dish of some kind of delicious dessert as reward for all your hard work. :)) I'd send you a cupcake in the mail but by the time it would reach you, it would be crumbly and stale :(

    Jeanine :))

  7. Hi Leah,
    I'm glad I've popped into your blog. Your faith and positive thinking makes me feel relaxed and belive that everything is just in it's good way. I totally understand what you feel about finishing the school year and packing... Being an adult is a very hard part. But we are still not as adult as we will be, so the worst is still to come ;) But, as you say, we must trust God, just do our stuff and everything will going to be ok.
    Good luck with everything.

    Amber Waves from

  8. Jeanine you are so adorable!! I would love a cupcake but I don't know if a stale one would be quite so happy.

    Deborah thank you so much for your comments. It's so encouraging to hear that your blog is influencing others. You have such a precious blog and I can't wait to see what you post in the future. I loved your reviews and costume drama stuff. We have a lot in common!

    Amber, I am thrilled that you get something out of my meager ramblings. It makes me laugh that someone thinks I'm positive when I'm pretty sure I'm the most cynical of human beings! Thanks for stopping by!

    PS: I love the title of your blog!


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