Saturday, September 10, 2011

Introducing...this year's roommates!

          Phew! My first week of classes is finished! I'm pretty much wrecked! I'm about to go have a long, good night's sleep (no waking up at 5:30).  This post today is kind of like a guest post. It's written by one of three of my roommates; Lindsey Holdman.

           My other roommates are Michelle Wingreen, and our fabulous room leader Becca Moore. Lindsey had to write something funny or spiritual for one of her classes, and decided to write about us. I thought it described us all beautifully and asked if I could use it for my blog. I love my new roommates soooo much. They are sweet, genuine, ladies of God, and we seem to have meshed really well.

         So here it is:

"God has truly blessed me this school year with 3 lovely roommates who I absolutely adore after only living with them for less than a week. One of my roommates is the sweetest of friends from my freshman year; the next is a darling girl from Ireland who came complete with a smart eye for charming vintage fashion and the sweetest Irish accent. And our room leader who makes us giggle and kindly encourages us as we all work together to become the kind of women God wants us to be. The four of us girls unpacked our many belongings and struggled to find a suitable place for all of our necessary college items, truly giving Thomas Edison a run for his money in the art of failing to make things work, but never giving up until everything fit nicely into place. We girls soon discovered that our room was missing several items that needed to be added to make our once barren dorm room into a little cozy home away from home. Of course this opportunity called for an adventure to the not so highly populated city of Iron Mountain Michigan to find our dearly longed for treasures of greatest necessity.  We laughed our way through all our wrong turns on the way to town and even got to see a small bear crossing the road. Pizza Hut pizza sounded beyond delicious to us, so us four giddy girls slid into the booth and began discussing the all important decision of what toppings to order on the pizza. We had the privilege of being served by a 16 year old guy who made no attempt to hide his pleasure at having four distinguished ladies at his table. We had a great time laughing at all the waiter’s comments and questions he directed at each of us making it quite obvious he enjoyed any chance he had to talk to us. With our bellies now very full of finger licking worthy pizza we continued our trek to Wal-Mart. I find it so interesting that just making a trip to the grocery store could turn into such an adventure. We all scurried around the store adding things to our carts that we could not wait to display in our room as soon as we got back. I made the mistake of attempting to personally scan all of my purchases through the self checkout line. I had to ask the poor assistant to finish checking out for me since the machine was acting crazy. We all returned to our room filled with the hope that our room will continue to blossom as we tweak the décor with our personal touches, and as we push each other on towards godliness."

Thanks Lindsey for letting me use this! I'm so relieved to have such a great room, and I look forward to our year together.

 I can't believe it's my birthday tomorrow! I'm going to be 22! Man I'm old! Hope all my followers have a great Sunday!


  1. LOL, I don't think 22 qualifies as being old ;)

    xoxo, Nali

  2. Yay! School sounds like it's getting off to a lovely start and your new roomies sound great!! Bears, wal-mart, and pizza...what a fun mix.

    Send an email my way ((from my profile page)) if you want me to email you those movie files :)))



  3. Awww...This is charming, and inspiring!
    You guys are going to have a wonderful year together!


  4. This is a wonderful start, Leah!
    Have a blessed Birthday & stay young at heart always!


  5. I hope your week is going well, Leah.


  6. How wonderful you have such great roommates! It will certainly be an awesome year for you!


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