Friday, May 6, 2011

All dressed in white!

          To begin with on account that I am human, I love weddings, (come on, who doesn't like weddings?) and despite being happily single, I wouldn't be female if I didn't have my own wedding planned out to the last detail long before the engaged or even relationship stage! It's just something we do I guess. So Mom, Helen and I were having fun on the internet yesterday looking at wedding stuff and we stumbled upon these.
           In my opinion there isn't an article of clothing that is more beautiful than a wedding dress, or at least, will fill the female heart with joy, glee, and rapture in the same way. However you can only look at wedding dresses for so long before they all start to look monotonous. One white dress is just as beautiful as another white dress. I guess  not being a bride I can only guess) this is why some brides end up choosing something remarkably tacky, remarkably quirky, or heaven forbid no wedding dress at all (the horror!) just to be different. These wedding dresses that we found are not only different, but are shockingly stunning, each one is equally as beautiful as the other, classic yet unique. They are designs by some Russian guy named Papilio, and his whole site is in Russian, which is a language that I do not have the ability to speak, so prices remain a mystery, but looking at them I would say they're up in the higher end of the scale, so look at this as window shopping only material. There are one or two dresses that are two extravagant for the average girl to actually wear, but these are more than just wedding dresses, they're works of art!! Drool away!


I think this is one of my favourites!

          I hope all the single ladies had fun dreaming for a moment before back to reality. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. "Squeeeeelll of Delight"
    Such Pretty things!!!!! ;) :)

  2. Oh my...I'll third that! :)) These gowns are simply fantastical perfection. They sure make the classic strapless go to for so many brides seem quite droll. Of course it's the bride that makes the dress...but in these dresses...wowwww. I want one!

    I am soo glad you stopped by. And thank you for highlighting it! Trying not to gush here but I just love your blog! As soon as I clicked on over here and was greeted by your header with that lovely quote from Jane–I knew I came upon a kindred blogging sister! :))) Love your posting on Windsor as well. Stayed in England for 3months with a missionary org and LOVED it. Love the whole UK. Wow, I'm saying love alot. But I do! Can't help it. Can't wait to read more from you girly. What missions are you over there with?

  3. Thank you so much Jeanine! I'm still fairly new to the whole blog thing so your complements are soo appreciated! I thought the same thing when I read you're blog and saw all the period drama posts!

    This is so much fun! I love how blogging lets you meet and get to know people you've never even met before! My parents are with BMW (Biblical Ministries Worldwide). We've been here almost 22 years; as long as I've been alive!

    Thank you so much again for your comments!


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