Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Single Awareness Day!

          Yes! It is that most hideous time of the year where the couples of the world venture out into the public eye simply to flaunt their cheap novelty gifts and make "eye babies" (this last bit wont make sense unless you've spent 2 years at Cornerstone, and yes Bekah that one was for you!!!). It is also the day when the singles of the world spend the day in hiding eating chocolates they've bought themselves and watching chickflicks like well...em..."Valentines Day". Anyway that was my slightly bitter rant for the day!
           Its pretty obvious by now where I stand on valentines day as a whole (thats right I'm not even going to use capitals! It doesn't deserve capitals!) but in all honesty I'm still a hopeless romantic, and I'm sure that if I one day have a reason to celebrate valentines you can bet I'll go all out (because I'm really that fickle!). I just want to make sure that those of you who are in a relationship don't take valentines all that seriously. Just because your boyfriend/girlfriend/finance/husband/wife didn't buy you a planet for valentines doesn't mean they don't love you and your relationship is now offically on the rocks! Thats just comercialism and its giving Hallmark what they want; you in tears! So that next year when valentines comes round again your other half will have learnt their lesson and will cash out on the biggest, most expensive gift going; and thus Hallmark and other coperations like it will have made money out of your unneccessary pain! So treat valentines like the phoney, fake "holiday" (it is fake, schools and work places don't close for it so it really can't be called holiday)  it is and make fun of it while you enjoy it. Buy each other the most tacky thing you can find, do all the cheesy romantic things and play up the cheese, dress in red or at least matching clothes just for the fun of it, make prank calls to all the single people you know. Be creative but don't get stressed out; valentines isn't worth it. If you are in a relationship you will have a lot of opportunities to be stressed in the future! So have fun you crazy kids!
        Now back to the singles of the world. Basically valentines isn't for us so we will just have to grin and bear it, but our time is coming! One day we will have a fake holiday in our honour. A day where all the couples we know have to buy us gifts, because we like gifts too! Anyway happy valentines day everyone, and remember a relationship is for life not just for February 14th! Share the love!

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