Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Camps, Tea, and Puppy Dogs!

Hey world! Well its been a couple of weeks since my last post and hopefully this time I can figure out how to put some kind of notification on facebook of this post, don't know what went wrong the last time, if there's anyone out there thats blog savvy please tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Anyway so two weeks ago Mom took me to Miss Courtney's Tearoom in Killarney. She and Abby have been raving about it for so long and since I love all things to do with tea and old fashioned simple elegance I was eager to pop in for tea! I was so glad to discover it all that I thought it would be; it was adorable! Each table had a different set up, with different chairs, different chandelers, a wide selection of real china teapots, and tea cups, nothing matched but it all worked. The effort was put into the small details. Suffice to say I was charmed!

 On Saturday our whole family went up to Cork to get our puppy. We had spent all week trying to persuade Dad the neccessities of getting a dog. One they're cute, two they're fluffy, and three they're cute!! Finally he caved and may I add he seems to be enjoying the dog more than any of us! Sammy has become part of our family. Here are some pictures of him. He is a West Highland Terrier; he is full of energy and mischief and proves hard to train; not out unintelligence but out of complete stubborness!! But we love him!

It was the following week that I finally made it to camp. I was working with americans and three Brazilians would you believe! Tammy (one of the Brazilians) were in charge of fifteen adorable girls between the ages of five and six. They were so funny and I wish I was allowed to post pictures!! The camp was intended not to be evangelical but was set up to build relationships with the parents and with the community. Still Bible stories were part of their rotation activites and the kids were always full of questions and God willing an impact was made on their lives. I was so thankful to be involved! In August I will be involved in a beach mission outreach. I have no idea what to expect but its a great ministry and one of my friends from church has been involved before. Please keep in prayer for this outreach and for me that God would use me!

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  1. Ah! The tea shop looks like so much fun! And your puppy is adorable.


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